My Pregnancy so far

I’m currently 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant as i write this post, and when i look back on this pregnancy so far i feel so unbelievably grateful for how wonderful it has been.

Now by no means as i write this do i want to upset anyone as i talk through my pregnancy because i will admit now, it has been pretty easy. But i know and i am very aware this is not the case for everyone, but i’m just simply sharing my experience with my first pregnancy so i sincerely hope i do not offend anyone.

Let’s go back to the beginning…Myself and my Fiance decided we would “try” for a baby around November last year, now when i say try i mean more like trying but not trying if that makes sense. We came to the decision i would come off my contraception and we would just continue as normal and just have fun, i didn’t track my ovulation or anything like that we were just happy to let nature take it’s course naturally not expecting anything to happen very soon….Boy was i wrong. The 9th of January was when our lives changed forever and i remember this exact date so well as it was my first day back in work after the Christmas Break. Nothing really pointed me in the direction that i was pregnant, my period wasn’t late nor did i have any sort of symptoms but i think just knowing i was off the pill and what not i thought i would just take a pregnancy test while on my lunch break just for the sake of it. I went into the bathrooms of the shopping center after picking up a test and quickly did my business and put it straight back in the box thinking nothing of this test. I walked back up to my car and got in an decided to check the test, and to my shock i see two very bold lines. Now i completely lost it at this point, in absolute tears in my car and shaking from being so happy but also so shocked! On this day my Fiance Kieran was working around the corner from my work so i rang him straight away in hysterics, to the point he must of thought someone had died. I explained to him that i took a test and it was positive and drove straight to his job, when i arrived we both just sat in my car staring at the test, utterly gobsmacked. When i got home later that day, Kieran picked up some more tests which i did 4 in total and all of them came back with two solid lines. That’s when it all became real, that i was actually pregnant!

My first trimester came with a lot of anxiety, i didn’t know what to expect and i also felt like i didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet despite how happy i was, i knew that first trimester is so crucial. Now this may sound a bit weird but what added to my anxiety was the fact that i had no symptoms…Like i mean none, no morning sickness, no sore boobs etc. And despite being so lucky with not suffering with any of these pregnancy symptoms i almost didn’t feel normal for not experiencing any of them. I couldn’t help but think that my baby wasn’t okay, that the baby wasn’t growing because i felt so fine. I know everyone is different through pregnancy but i couldn’t help but think surely i should be experiencing something? As my first trimester was coming to an end and we had our 12 week scan, there was so much relief to see our little baby progressing perfectly.

Now with my second trimester so far there really isn’t much to update on, other than my anxiety has lessened so much more with every scan seeing we have a very healthy baby growing inside me. We had a gender scan at around 16 weeks and found out this beautiful bundle of joy is a little boy as well which we are just over the moon about! His movements are becoming more and more prominent as the weeks go by and my do we have a little footballer in there.¬†I’ve learned to be so incredibly grateful with how easy this pregnancy has been so far and i have definitely not taken one bit of it for granted.

I’m so excited to continue sharing my journey to motherhood with you all, and my journey will continue once the little man arrives.

Lots of love, Ellie x



Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to my very first blog post! I’ll keep it short and sweet for now but firstly, i’d like to introduce myself…My names Ellie and i’m a Welsh girl living in Perth, Western Australia. I’m 20 years old and engaged to my best friend and love of my life and we are currently expecting our first little bundle of joy in September.

My goal in starting up this blog is to share my journey to motherhood, health, love and happiness. I am no where near an expert in any of those categories, but i’m learning and i hope i can relate to someone out there who can go through this journey with me. Within the next few blog posts you’ll get to know a lot more about me, including¬†my triumphs and struggles that have gotten me to where i am today. Like i said, i’m still learning and i want this blog to document my continuing growth and maybe, just maybe some of you ladies out there can follow my journey and continue to grow with me.

Stay Tuned…


Lots of love, Ellie x